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kanra shop / Kawamata Silk


『Kawamata Silk』


kanra lounge (1F main building) will be holding a POP UP event of Kawamata silk from 27th March to 12th April.



Kawamata-cho city, located in Fukushima prefecture, is known as one of the greatest producing areas of the silk fabric in Japan. 




It has a history that spinning threads and weaving have started from 1,400 years ago. Kawamata silk, which has a pure white shine, has evolved to meet the needs of the times, but the domestic silk industry decreased due to the influence of cheap chemical fibers. However, the technology has continued to evolve and is gaining worldwide attention again nowadays. Please take a look at the silk fabric that Japan boasts to the world.


<Kawamata Silk POP UP EVENT>


■Place kanra shop 1F main building

■Period 27th March, 2020~12th April


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