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京都に古来から続く陶芸技術、清水焼。京都が都だった時代から、全国各地から集まってきた良質な土を使いながら、将軍や茶人などの要望に合わせて京都の陶芸職人は個性的な作品を生み出していきました。有田焼や九谷焼などと違い、清水焼には決まった技法や釉薬などはありませんが、四季や吉兆文様を取り入れた、毎日の暮らしで使いやすい手に馴染むサイズ感のものが多いのが特徴です。ホテル カンラ 京都では伝統工芸に気軽に触れていただけるよう、客室内で清水焼のお湯のみをご利用いただけます。こちらでは、特におすすめの作家さんをご紹介いたします。


青色や桃色の釉薬と金彩や白金彩を組み合わせたWarm stripe/Ice stripe シリーズは、光沢感に差が生まれ、華やかな印象を与えてくれるのが特徴です。一部の客室にも青色桃色セットのお湯呑みを置いています。

3/7~9 DAIALOGUEの展示客室:412号室(客室カフェ・感洛茶寮内)



3/7~9 DAIALOGUEの展示客室:422号室

蘇嶐窯/涌波 蘇嶐さん、まどかさん

涌波 蘇嶐さんは京都・東山にある蘇嶐窯の4代目。初代涌波蘇嶐は、明治・大正期に活躍した京焼青瓷の第一人者、初代諏訪蘇山の薫陶を受けその技法を受け継ぎました。

3/7~9 DAIALOGUEの展示客室:417号室

kyoto artisan × hotel kanra kyoto



hotel kanra kyoto is a comunity-based hotel and providing a high quality traveling space.
Five artisans will propose new ways to use crafts in various places at the hotel. Participating craftsmen are Sachi Manabe (Yuzen hand silk printing), Madoka Wakunami (Kyoyaki, celadon), Chiba Koji (Kyoto fan), Kazuya Nanjyo (Naruto Shinku Buddhist altar fittings), Yamamoto Keiko (Kata-Yuzen), these craftsmen are all representing Kyoto and have great techniques.
Please wander around the hotel and experience these techniques with your five senses.
Term : 20th of Nov. ~ 3rd of Dec.
Place : all facilities in hotel kanra kyoto

EVENT 『 KOUGEI NOW 2018 Kyoto Crafts Exhibition “DIALOGUE” 』




『KOUGEI NOW 2018 Kyoto Crafts Exhibition “DIALOGUE” ~Travel and Crafts ~』


An exhibition of crafts under the theme of travel and crafts is held at hotel kanra kyoto on 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun) March 2018.This event is for buyers, editors, designers and anyone who is interested in arts,


crafts and craftsmanship.During the exhibition, there are also tours of workshops and public talks. Please check out official HP, Facebook page, and Instagram for some more updated information.


We look forward to seeing you all at the exhibition.


<KOUGEI NOW 2018 Kyoto Crafts Exhibition “DIALOGUE” テーマ~Travel and Crafts~>



・17th March, 2018 / 11:00~18:00

・18th March, 2018 / 11:00~17:00


hotel kanra kyoto

Tel: (+81)-075-344-3815



How to enjoy rainy season in Japan




Now is the rainy season called “Tsuyu” in early summer in Japan.

Generally, it lasts from the beginning of June to the middle of July.


It doesn’t rain every day during Tsuyu.

We experience various kinds of rain such as sprinkle, heavy rain and sometimes rainstorm.



You might think Tsuyu is not good season for trip in Japan.

Even though rainy season, we have a traditional Japanese habit.



One of the habit is Tanabata that is the Star Festival in English.

Tanabata was born from the legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi.


Tanabata started to celebrate their once-a-year-reunion, it held on 7th July.

We display bamboo grass for Tanabata.



We write each wish on a strip of paper and hang it on the bamboo grass.

The strips of paper used to write wishes are called Tanzaku.


It is said that a wish comes true by writing it on Tanzaku.



However, it is also said that a wish doesn’t come true if Orihime and Hikoboshi can’t meet because of the rain.



Please write your wishes and hang on the bamboo grass at hotel kanra kyoto.


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