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Starting From TY.

To whom made a reservation before 30th March,2020

kanra spa spa x parfait


“Strawberry and Pistachio”

“Spa × Parfait” plan is the special combination plan which taking relax with spa treatment and have sweet time with seasonal parfait.

Organic certificated medical aroma oil are using for this treatment, and it will release your body from everyday stress and tune up your skin.


After the treatment, please taste our special parfait at kanra lounge. 

Strawberry and Pistachio parfait is limited menu for this March and April.

You may enjoy the harmony of sweet and juicy strawberry confiture, mousse, jelly and flavorful pistachio gelato. 

Much of fresh strawberries are also tasty and bring you fresh springful aroma surely. 

One drink will be also comes with this parfait.


How about refreshing your body and try the fresh spring taste?

We are looking forward to your booking.


<spa × parfait>


kanra spa 1F Annex

kanra lounge 1F Main building



¥12,000 / person (Tax & service charge are inclusive)


■Booking & Information



*Reservation is necessary for this plan.

Digout Local Tour Special Tour 2020


Visiting Local Casting studio “Nanjo Kobo”

Would you like to come to the Nanjo laboratory Orin casting tour?

We are offering original tour that guiding by our staff. 

As special edition of it, we will held special tour that visiting Casting studio “Nanjo Kobo”.


At Nanjo Kobo Studio, they taking over their traditional casting way for 190 years and they using special technique and metal blending to produce Orins.

Orin is the important Buddhist instrument which used for Buddhist altar. In Japan, we ring the Orin before we pray to relieve ourselves from distracting thoughts.


In this special tour you can enjoy observing how to make this Japanese traditional craft and experience their natural sounds.


Why don’t you come to join this rare chance to get to know Japanese culture? 

Please find your favorite sound.


*Reservation is required to participate




Digour Local Tour Special tour2020

■Places to visit

Nanjo Kobo Studio


■Date and time

17th April, 2020  10:00AM~13:00PM


■Tour Fee

2,000 yen / adult

*Public transportation fees are not included/ Taxi fee from station to laboratory are included.)



6 adults 

*Children age 6 and older are considered as adults.


■Booking & Information

Booking is available  by e-mail or directly at our front desk



If you have any questions please do no hesitate to email us.

Announcement: Minimizing the risk of being infected by the new Coronavirus(COVID-19)



Thank you very much for your interest in
hotel kanra kyoto.

In order to minimize the risk of being infected
by the new Coronavirus(COVID-19)

We are doing the followings; 

・Placing bottles of sanitizer at the front desk. 
・Some staff members are wearing masks. 
・Opening the windows and air the entrance. 
・Recording our staff’s health condition everyday. If you have any

questions,please do not hesitate
to contact us directly to our email

We hope the situation will calm down globally soon, 
and hope you, your family and
friends will stay in good health.


hotel kanra kyoto all staff

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