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Confirmation No.
Starting From TY.

To whom made a reservation before 30th March,2020

Annoucement about our serivice due to the Corona Virus(COVID-19)


Announcement for the booking hotel restaurants



Thank you very much supporting hotel kanra kyoto.

Due to the recent severe situation of Corona Virus (COVID-19), we would announce about the changing of our hotel services.


We stop serving breakfast at the restaurants during the term.
Our staff deliver breakfast to your room at a specified time.
■Term: 8th April, 2020 ~ 6th May, 2020


②Restaurant booking
Reservation is necessary for all restaurants from breakfasts to dinner.
If you would like to booking our restaurants, please contact us until 3 days before the date.
We are afraid, but any booking requests after the due date or walk-in is not acceptable.
■Term: 8th April, 2020 ~ 6th May, 2020


③Opening hours and closing dates
During the term, all of our hotel services are changing the opening hours or closing as follows.

■Teppan HANAROKU (B1F main building)
Shorten opening hours
8th April,2020 ~ 6th May, 2020
17:30 ~ 21:30 (20:30L.O.)


■THE KITCHEN KANRA (B2F main building)
Changing the dinner time
8th April, 2020 ~ 6th May,2020
17:30 ~ 21:30 (20:30L.O.)


■kanra lounge (1F main building)
Temporarily closed
13th April, 2020 ~ 6th May, 2020


■kanra spa (1F annex building)
19th April, 2020 ~ 6th May, 2020


*Date and term will change depending on the situation.


We apologize for your inconvenience and thank you very much for your kind understanding.


4・5月 玉手箱





There is a small surprise box which is named ‘’Tamatebako’’ in all our guest rooms.

We present something seasonal from Kyoto in the box every season. 


The Topic for this month is ‘’Maiko’’. 

Maiko are female entertainers who perform traditional Japanese dance and music at Japanese style banquet. 

Every year in Kyoto, there are a couple of events performed by Maiko at big theaters. However, those were canceled or postponed for this year unfortunately.


Instead of that, we made a small leaflet which is bits of knowledge about Maiko, and put it on each rooms. We would love you to enjoy your stay more from the small box “Tamatebako”.


The pictures on the leaflets were painted by our stuff!

Please enjoy your stay and we welcome here always.

kanra shop / Kawamata Silk


『Kawamata Silk』


kanra lounge (1F main building) will be holding a POP UP event of Kawamata silk from 27th March to 12th April.



Kawamata-cho city, located in Fukushima prefecture, is known as one of the greatest producing areas of the silk fabric in Japan. 




It has a history that spinning threads and weaving have started from 1,400 years ago. Kawamata silk, which has a pure white shine, has evolved to meet the needs of the times, but the domestic silk industry decreased due to the influence of cheap chemical fibers. However, the technology has continued to evolve and is gaining worldwide attention again nowadays. Please take a look at the silk fabric that Japan boasts to the world.


<Kawamata Silk POP UP EVENT>


■Place kanra shop 1F main building

■Period 27th March, 2020~12th April


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