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At HANAROKU, We serve dishes with japanese seasonal ingredients mainly from Kyoto. You also can enjoy our Wagyu beef with special selected Sake from small sake breweries in Kyoto. The side of the Wagyu steak,traditional japanese dishes are available as well.
We have various kinds of seats avalable and it is suitable for your any special occasions.

Announcement about our sevice due to Corona virus(COVID-19)


Teppan Hanaroku Head Chef Ryuichi Kitaoka

After graduating from university, I worked as an engineer but decided to jump into the world of cooking.
I worked as a barista, a service staff, and a chef at an Italian restaurant, then joined at Hotel Kanra Kyoto.
After learning creative way of cooking which mixed Japanese and Italian cuisine at the hotel, I became a head chef of Tepan Hanaroku.
On Kyoyaki and Kiyomizu yaki plates, we serve seasonal ingredients and Kuroge Wagyu as our new style of Teppan Yaki cuisine.

floor : B1F
dinner time : 17:30 - 22:30 ( 21:30 L.O. )
seating capacity : 40seats (Non -smoking)

menu : course JPY12,000 / 16,000 / 20,000
Japanese sake : JPY1,400-
Full bottlle wine : JPY4,500-

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The Kitchen Kanra cooks mainly seafood and vegetable protected by tradition in a simple manner, by "chargrilling", in order to bring out the essence of each food and serving meals that bring the flavorful joys of the season to its guests. You can enjoy The pizza and oven dishes that make in the 600℃ kiln, which is more than 150 kinds. Please come and visit lunch time with your family or friends, or rest your dinner time with variety of wines and menus. If the restaurant privately reserved, there are also 3 small room (10-15 ㎡) where you can use for waiting room or changing room.

Announcement about our sevice due to Corona virus(COVID-19)

THE KITCHEN KANRA Head Chef Takahiro Matsubayashi

Please enjoy our original pizza that dough is made with tertiary fermentation, and you cannot taste this pizza anywhere but here in Kyoto.
Based on Italian cuisine, we use simple cooking method but make creative dishes.
We provide you a memorable dinner time.
We are looking forward to welcome you .

floor : B2F
breakfast time : 7:00 - 10:30 ( 9:30 L.O. )
lunch time : 11:30 - 15:00 ( 14:00 L.O. )
dinner time : 18:00 - 22:30 ( 21:30 L.O. )
seating capacity : 64 seat ( Non-smoking )

breakfast (Japanese set or western set) : JPY3,000
lunch : JPY2,300 -
dinner : course (JPY7,000) , or a la carte
drink : 150 kind of wines, beer ,or so on.

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